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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arduino clock on TM1637 display

    I found a cheap led display some time ago, with TM1637 chip, has 4 digit 7-segment and 2 leds for seconds, so, I decided to made a clock using DS3231 RTC module clock:
   I use a simple schematic for this clock:
   Using TM1637_DS3231_clock0.ino sketch, my clock work as a .. clock :))) like in movie named Arduino clock with DS3231 on TM1637 display
   For hour litle than 10, on display we see 09
so, I change to simple 9
just changing few lines in sketch (TM1637_DS3231_cloc0a.ino).
   In Arduino clock with DS3231 on TM1637 display (2) movie, you cand see the diference on display and in sketch....
   Next step was to put an encoder (KY-040) to change hours and minutes, schematic is:
(also, I put an speaker/buzzer from PC between D7 and GND).
   For change hours, must long push (2-3 seconds) the push button from encoder, and you will see
so, must rotate clocwise to increase value or rotate antioclockwire (trigonometric sense) to decrease value for hour. When hour has desired value must push on button from encoder to enter in mode to change minutes:
   Procedure is similar, and after change value for minutes must push on button from encoder to enter in usual mode, as a claock.
    TM1637_DS3231_clock1.ino sketch must be used for have a clock like in my description or in ceas cu DS3231 si Arduino pe afisaj TM1637 (3) movie:

Thursday, February 16, 2017

3.95" Raspberry Pi display on Arduino Due

   I find a big display: 3.95" = 10cm: original use is for Raspbbery Pi board, but I put at Arduino Due development board because work like RPi with 3.3V logical level voltage... If I (or you) want to use with classical Arduino board (Uno, Mega, Nano, etc) must add two CD4060 chips (hex noninverting buffer)
 or buy another display with  logical interface and made as shield for Arduino board:
   After I talk with Vlad who use Arduino Nano and than Mega, I made next schematic:
    After I was documented, I use MCUFRIEND_kbv library with one example (single who works):
   I tested with good resuls using Arduino IDE 1.6.0, 1.6.6 and 1.8.0 software version on different PC with Windows XP or Windows 10.
   In test the display in Cristhmas period, so I put adequate texts:
  I made some movies, but I recommand you just: